All cakes are gift-boxed in a clear-sided box with a logoed top, wrapped with a luxe black satin ribbon.  

If you are picking up the cake from our studio, please place the cake on a flat surface, preferably the back of a hatchback or SUV. Most will also fit on the floor in the front.

Cakes styled with fresh flowers are best enjoyed the same day as delivery or pick-up.

Cakes will be delivered cold.  Our cakes are butter cakes, so the butter is firm when cold, and soft and happy at room temperature.  Cakes are fine to sit at room temperature in a cool room all day / evening.  If you are serving a cake the next day, it is best to put it in a fridge overnight.  

We are not responsible for any condensation that occurs as a result of high humidity refrigerators, or cakes that 'shock' by taking it from a fridge into a warm environment.  Think "can of soda syndrome"....If you take a can of soda from the fridge into a warm room, water droplets form on it.  Should this happen to your cake, you can let it evaporate over time, or blot it gently with a paper towel.  

To serve the cake, use a large, sharp kitchen knife and clean the knife after each cut.   

A note about color and extras:

Actual color of cakes may vary. Each cake is a unique, handmade work of art by one of our designers.  The finished work may vary slightly from sample photo.

Cake stands, candles and acrylic toppers not included.  You may purchase toppers separately.