Custom Cakes

For over a decade we have specialized in creating one of a kind works of art by collaborating with our clients to design a cake that is as much a statement piece as it is a divine dessert.  Whether it is a 6 foot tall sculpted great white shark, a petite three tier incredibly intricate cake with hand painting and delicate sugar flowers, or a towering wedding cake, our artists can design it and make it come to life!  

While you may certainly choose a design from one of the thousands that we have done in the past, we really get excited when we come up with unique new designs.

The design process is collaborative, personal and exclusive.

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After you have sampled all of our cake flavors, we will peruse your design deck, invitation artwork, dress detail, and any other visual inspiration you may have.  Anything visual that can spark our creativity is welcome.  Then our lead designer will get to work drafting a sketch of what your cake will look like. 

In advance of embarking on our design process, please fill out our inquiry form so that we may be informed before we call you to discuss your event on the phone.  At that time we will explore your wishes, as well as your budget so that we can design with that in mind, if need be.

How much does a custom designed cake cost?  It depends entirely on the following factors:  Artistry, Scale, Time, and Servings.   In that order.  Because we can spend 30 hours on a cake to feed 25, and only six hours to decorate a simple cake for 200, there is not a per person metric that is relevant in the custom cakes.  Most custom artistic wedding cakes average  $15-$18pp for budgeting purposes. 

That said, please note that a simple buttercream finished cake, for example, can be absolutely gorgeous and cost only $10pp. Conversely, a cake that takes us over 100 hours in labor cannot be priced by the slice.  

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