The Team



The Butter End Cakery

Owner. Baker. Artist. Dishwasher.

Ever grateful and in wonder of the turn of events that resulted in the creation of The Butter End Cakery, Kimberly is filled with joy daily to finally be a working artist and the master of her destiny.

With a background in art from The Art Institute of Philadelphia, a Marketing & Entrepreneurial Studies degree from Fairleigh Dickenson University, a successful career selling software in NYC, and a short but fun ride in entertainment, she’s actually pretty well equipped to run The Butter End.

Throughout all of the long hours, goofy dancing (including the happy dance), and creative monkeying around, she takes such pride in delivering a product of unparalleled quality and creativity to her clients.

When asked what she does for a living, she replies “I make happy”.



The Butter End Cakery

Pastry Chef. Work Horse. Mix Master.

At the helm of The Butter End’s oven since 2011, Kellie is a kindred artist and foodie, as well as a real born-and-raised Southern California native. In addition to being incredibly talented as a baker, she has a keen palate and impeccable style. And she’s a Virgo too, so a crooked cake will never leave this shop!

In addition to studying art history and photography at Wellesley College, Kellie brings some credibility to the kitchen, as a graduate of Le Cordon Bleu. Not only has she broadened our pastry repertoire, but she’s turned us on to so many different genres of music that we now couldn’t imagine a day in the shop without it ~ or her accompanying whistling.

If she’s not in the bakery working from atop her “big girl stool” or riding her beach cruiser around Santa Monica, she’s hiding out in the Sierra Nevada wilderness.



The Butter End Cakery

Petal Master.

Rainbow and Kimberly met on stage in NY about ten years ago, and became fast friends. Two handy chicks in love with theater, building stuff, and cooking. Rain started making fancy cakes long before Kimberly even thought about it.

Rainbow is unlike anyone you’ll ever meet. She’s absolutely amazing at anything she touches. Whether it’s crafting the most gorgeous and lifelike rose from gum paste, to acting in front of thousands on a Broadway stage, or holding down the dressing room at The VMA’s… There’s simply nothing she can’t do, and do well.

Since she’s so busy doing all things creative, she’s found a home here doing sugar flowers for us. We’re super-fortunate to have such a glorious creative beast on our team.