The Story


How The Butter End came to be…

The Butter End Cakery
When I moved from NY to LA in 2008, I thought a change of pace was in order from corporate life in NY… perhaps a continued pursuit of a career in “the biz”……but then, a year into my stay, cancer paid me a visit.


Instead of wondering who would cast me bald, I embraced this insane creative energy that was stirring in me and directed it into the kitchen and into my new found love of decorating cakes.  I lost myself in creating and testing new recipes and learning how to decorate.


The creative outlet that designing cakes gave me was a life-saver….and the reaction from people who see and eat the cakes is just as good – if not better – than any applause on any stage.


This business kind of found me.  A year after starting to make cakes, I found a magical big building in Santa Monica where I built my dream kitchen.  (Cancer makes you do brave things!)  Now it’s “the shop”….my home away from home, and my source of joy.


I feel lucky.  And happier than ever.

Sometimes the greatest gifts come in the strangest wrapping.


Kimberly Bailey

Owner. Baker. Artist. Dishwasher.