St. Barths Cake

Category: Colorful, Contemporary, Round, Wedding


Colin Miller


Event Planner

Colin Cowie



Sometimes other cake just won’t do! When this bride went to St. Barths for her wedding menu tasting, she loved everything, but longed for our Vanilla Bean Cake that she had tasted before they flew down to the island. Upon her return, she contacted us to ask if we would be able to fly down to St. Barths to make the wedding cake there. Ummmmm….Yeah, we would!!

While I’ve traveled from coast to coast to make wedding cakes in the States, I’ve never made one from scratch out of the country before. Lucky for us, the Executive Pastry Chef at the hotel was extrodinarily hospitable and gracious. We planned together for a few months to be sure that we would have all of the ingredients to make the cake, and the room to build it.

Kellie and I flew down five days in advance to get to work. Kellie sorted out the various ovens, ingredient and climate issues, and within a few trial runs, the cakes were coming out as good as in our own kitchen. Phew! We even managed to catch some rays on the beach and eat the most insanely delicious chocolate almond croissants in the morning by the marina.

The most fun was working with the French chefs at the hotel, many of whom did not speak much English. We felt at times like zoo animals, because they would make their way to our work area to watch us. They don’t make cakes like this in St. Barths because of climate, so they were so interested and lovely. We all had a blast, and most importantly, the clients were thrilled!