Miramax Movie-Inspired Holiday Party

Category: Corporate / Entertainment, Sculpted


MIRAMAX approached us to do their holiday party for their employees and presented a challenge: Create an array of desserts, each inspired by one of their films! We were simultaneously ecstatic and overwhelmed…their list of movies is MASSIVE! It was like boiling the ocean, trying to come up with which film we would choose, and what desserts to make.

After mulling it over for a few days, and asking advice from a few friends who are movie buffs, she came up with a table full of movie-themed treats that wowed the Miramax staff. They came up with the adorable mini movie posters to go along with display.

We have two favorites by far, which we’ve kept in our repertoire:

From BAD SANTA: Drunken Elves. Santa got drunk on Chocolate Bourbon Cake and tossed his elves in the snow. Made of our Grown-up Chocolate cake rolled in buttercream and sweet coconut, these whimsical little cakes feature hand-sculpted chocolate elf feet at the end of striped chocolate straws. Now we make them as mini cupcakes. Place your order now for the holidays!

From PULP FICTION: Le Royale With Cheese. Mini Cheeseburger French macarons. These insanely delicious little macarons were perfectly disguised as cheeseburgers to honor our favorite scene in the film! Want some for yourself? You can even order them in individual teeny tiny burger boxes for favors!!!