The Millenium Falcon Cake (complete with lights)

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Laura Guerrie of Rebel Belle Weddings



The Natural History Museum of Los Angeles



Boba Fett


This is what happens when the bride tells the groom that the cake design is entirely up to him, since she planned the rest of the wedding.

Clearly they came to the right place.

The groom wanted a super-realistic uber-detailed Millennium Falcon cake, complete with lights and landing gear, for their wedding cake. Whoohooooo!!!! The challenge was on!

The huge toy model of the Star Wars space ship was so helpful in replicating every last detail, down to the rust and wear on the metal, which we accomplished with a dry brush application of powdered edible coloring. (we don’t like airbrush here at The Butter End)

We knew that there would be a room full of super geeks at the reception, analyzing every detail of the cake, so we were careful to even do the details on the underside of the carriage.

My assistant, Rainbow, and I tag-teamed the build of this cake into the wee hours of many mornings…we figured about 54 hours or so went into this cake. It was carrot cake, the groom’s favorite, topped with our signature rolled chocolate covering and hand-sculpted gum paste details for the guns, radar dishes and landing gear.

Images of the cake spread like wildfire over the web. Even George Lucas’ Twitter said that this was “the best Millenniumm Falcon Cake ever!!”. Along with the raves came doubters…who blogged that we must have taken a mold of the toy, since the cake was so perfectly detailed. WHAT?!!! To prove that this was built, literally, from the edible dirt up, from scratch, we whipped up the above video.

The couple insisted that Rainbow and I be their guest to their wedding…because they were convinced that no one would dare cut the cake!