Honey, The Dog Ate the Cake!

Category: Round, Sculpted, Wedding, White

Event Planner

Gianna Provenzano



Greystone Mansion



This couple was sooo crazy in love with their dogs, Maggie and Paul Newman, that they just had to have them on their cake. When they saw that I had done a wedding cake previously with two little sculpted dogs, the design was a sure thing. They not only sent me about twenty photos of their little four legged ‘kids’, but they actually brought them to the shop to meet me so that I could understand them and capture their personality! To this day, this remains one of our most famous and beloved “dog cakes” that started a huge trend!

If you want to make a gorgeous cake truly memorable…just add a little dog taking a bite out of it. Your guests will talk about it forever! (bonus: you can take your chocolate fido home with you )