Han Solo Trapped in Carbonite Cake

Category: Adult, Birthday, Children's, Sculpted


The Butter End CakeryThis is how you celebrate your birthday when you just had the most wickedly AWESOME Millennium Falcon cake EVER as your wedding cake! Lynn, affectionately referred to as “The Millennium Falcon Groom”, wanted to celebrate his birthday with another Star Wars themed cake. Any time we can sculpt something cool and add lights to a cake, we’re in our happy place. Kimberly hand-sculpted Han Solo trapped in carbonite out of black rolled chocolate, then gilded him with a silver edible lustre dust to give that platinum carbonite patina. Lights were added to the side of the cake as well, just to add to the fun factor.

Our favorite story about this cake is that Lynn wouldn’t actually cut and serve the cake at his party! He only served up some extra carrot cake that we brought to the party. He saved the Hans cake!