Dragon Cake

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I knew from the first meeting with this couple that we were a perfect match! Underwhelmed by previous bakery encounters, they were referred to us by partner hotel Ritz Carlton Marina Del Rey. They not only wanted the cake to taste amazing, but they really wanted the cake to be original and memorable. well….

During our design consult the bride mentioned that she loved white dragons. Immediately an image came into my mind of an elegant, beautiful and peaceful white dragon with lace wings wrapped around their cake. The groom, however, proceeded to tell me his design idea for the cake, which he had definitely given a lot of thought to beforehand. He wanted a dragon chasing him up the cake, with a piece of his tux missing from his bottom, the remnants in the dragon’s mouth. The bride would be on top of the cake, reaching down to save the groom. The cake would be topsy-turvey where the dragon was climbing up to get them.   

I took it all in and asked them to let me take a few days to draft some sketches and then invited them in again. I first presented them with the groom’s vision. My stomach sank when he was so excited that I ‘nailed it’! Just for fun, and with optimistic hope, I then presented them with my pretty dragon vision, which I also illustrated. At first glance the bride gasped with delight….it was a done deal. The groom loved that this cake had never been done before and they would truly have a work of art that would be uniquely theirs.

The finished cake is one that I’m most proud of. Made of 9 1/2 pounds of hand-sculpted solid white modeling chocolate and showing off her edible lace wings, “Ling Ling” the Lace-Winged dragon became the star of the show. Guests lined up to take photos with her.

You can watch the making of the dragon cake in the attached video.