Architectural Wedding Cake

Category: Contemporary, Square, Wedding


Brian Leahy



SPACE Abbot Kinney



When I was told that the theme for this shoot would be ‘urban deconstructed’, an image immediately popped into my head of a deconstructed cake. Not multiple coordinating cakes side by side, but a single cake, as if it were knocked hard, breaking into three pieces. Each tier would land perfectly atop a steel rod, suspended in a concrete base.

I tore apart a gorgeous Vera Wang rhinestone applique that I had used on a cake before, and taught myself how to pour concrete to make the base. My trips to Home Depot are always more fun than a trip to a shoe store.

The resulting cake and unique display is on of my favorites. We’ve since used the concrete and iron stands for daring brides who want to stand apart from the rest for their wedding cake!