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03 Jun 2015, Posted by Kimberly Bailey in Kimberly's Musings


Make the Perfect CaUnknownke for Any Sports Fan or Beach Lover
Whether the guest of honor loves athletics or just have a ball in the sun, create cakes that are sure to be tons of fun! I’m Kimberly Bailey, the owner of The Butter End Cakery. Join me in my online Craftsy class, Sculpting Essentials: The Perfect Sphere, and learn to make unforgettable cakes that look just like baseballs, volleyballs, basketballs, soccer balls and beach balls.
In this class, I’ll show you how simple it can be to sculpt and decorate amazing ball cakes. We’ll cover how to build a straightforward armature, easily carve a perfect sphere and decorate your cakes with confidence. By the end of class, you’ll be ready to make these fun designs for birthday parties, grooms’ cakes, summer celebrations and so much more.

At the beginning of class, you’ll find out how to create the armature that will support your cake. I’ll walk you step by step through building the sturdy base topped with a hollow foam half–sphere, which is what your cake will sit on.

In the next lesson, you’ll see how to measure, stack and fill your cake tiers. Then, I’ll teach you an accessible technique for carving your cake into a smooth half–sphere shape. Worried you’ll mess up? We’ll talk about how to use buttercream to make mistakes disappear.

With your cake carved, I’ll show you how to coat it in ganache, and refine the spherical shape. You’ll place the cake onto your armature, and add another layer of ganache to make it a single, flawless ball. Then, I’ll guide you through covering the cake in fondant for a remarkably smooth finish.

Ready to bring your spherical cake to life? First, we’ll create a baseball cake with realistic fondant stitches for the seams. You’ll even learn to trace, cut and transfer an eye–catching custom logo. I’ll also go over how to use a handy template included in your class materials to create a volleyball cake!


If you’re decorating for someone who loves hoops, this next lesson is sure to be a slam dunk! I’ll teach you how to give your fondant the dimpled texture of a basketball, cover your cake smoothly and add black lines to finish the design. Is a soccer ball cake your goal? I’ll also demonstrate how to make one of those!
Decorating for a summer party? In this lesson, we’ll make cakes that are sure to shine in the warmer months! You’ll find out how to use a template from your class materials to create the fondant strips for your beach ball. To finish this design, I’ll show you how to emboss and apply colorful fondant strips to your cake.

In our final lesson, I’ll help you enhance your beach ball. You’ll learn to create a beach–scene cake board and a sand pail cake that will make this design even more impressive!

Enroll in Sculpting Essentials: The Perfect Sphere, and build cake–carving confidence as you create designs sure to be a big win at any party!
Watch my class on your schedule, in your home, and I’ll teach you the techniques that make these sensational, spherical cakes simple.

My classes taught at The Butter End cost $250 and up to attend, but my Craftsy class is like having a private one-on-one for a fraction of the price!

Use this link today to sign up for Sculpting Essentials: The Perfect Sphere!


Want a preview? Check out the trailer for the class:

Sculpting Essentials: The Perfect Sphere


Happy Sculpting!

-Kimberly Bailey

Craftsy Instructor



    The link coupon is expired.
    Can anyone help?

    • The Butter End Cakery

      Hi Carrie! The coupon has indeed expired, but right now the class is only $24.99 on Craftsy!


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