Kaley Cuoco’s Epic Upside Down Chandelier Wedding Cake

02 Jan 2014, Posted by Kimberly Bailey in Kimberly's Musings

Kaley Cuoco has upside down wedding cake suspended from chandelier by The Butter End Cakery

What would make me cancel my vacation to Australia over the holidays, when we shut down the shop?

Well, a call from Kaley Cuoco‘s assistant, Danielle, requesting that I make her cake for her New Year’s Eve surprise wedding to Ryan Sweeting.
While I was soooo looking forward to my once a year mini break from the long hours of the shop, I was school-girl excited when I heard the three magic words from Danielle: She wants it to be “Over the top”. So I said yes. Of course I said yes!
I bagged my vacation.

The only thing that Kaley knew was she wanted it to be spectacular and memorable.

Kaley Cuoco has upside down wedding cake suspended from chandelier by The Butter End CakeryThe theme was ‘fire and ice’. Meg Hall was catering, and Rrivre Davies of RrivreWorks was doing the event design and production. It was getting even better. Kaley wanted her three rescue Pit Bulls to be sculpted into her wedding cake. Cutting the heads and paws off of realistic dog cakes kind of creeps me out, so I wanted to offer up some alternatives. She and Ryan were totally up for creating the dogs as part of their Dogs and Balls Grooms Cake, which turned out to be really fun. I especially liked the “Bitches Love Me” bandana on Norman, who sat atop the giant tennis ball cake.
When it came time to design the main cake, I wanted to know more about the décor, her dress, stationery, etc….anything that could give me inspiration. Kaley told me that it couldn’t be too over-the-top and fabulous. Danielle showed me a deck from Rrivre, which included giant chandeliers. Whaaaat? Immediately an image of a chandelier, floating just off the ground with a giant cake nested on top of it came into my head. Kaley was excited about it, so I started sketching it. As I was sketching this concept, another variation popped into my head. It made me pause for a quick second, which Kaley picked up on. She could see the wheels turning in my head and asked what I was thinking. I tried to get her to go back to the sketch of the cake I was working on, but she insisted that I tell her what I was thinking! I told her that I had a vision of the chandelier high with the cake upside down as an extension of the chandelier…like a finial. She lost it! She was down with it immediately. It hadn’t been done before to my knowledge. It would surely be an engineering feat. There was no looking back after that. I got to sketching and planning and working with Rrivre to see how we were going to make this thing work.

Thankfully, it did work, and looked pretty baddass, if I do say so myself!


Did I miss out on vacation? Yep. Do I regret it? Not for a second!
Kaley was so gracious that the day after her wedding she posted the cake on Twitter and Instragram, thanking us and tagging @thebutterend. The firestorm of inquiries and media attention that followed was nutty-pants! We’ve had requests to fly to Mexico and Michigan to make this cake.
I don’t know if we’ll ever do another one, but this is one that I’ll never forget.

Ryan Seacrest and Kaley Discuss Cake on The Red Carpet

Kaley Cuoco Red Carpet Golden GlobesRyan Seacrest interviewed the gorgeous Kaley Cuoco on the red carpet for the Golden Globes, and had to ask her about the cake. We couldn’t believe it! Congratulations, Kaley!

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