It takes a village…a vision…and a pair of pink pants.

23 Aug 2013, Posted by Kimberly Bailey in Kimberly's Musings
The Butter End Cakery

When it was time to (finally) create a big girl website that reflected the work that we turn out, I realized quickly what a monumental effort it was going to be. As luck would have it, a friend of mine referred me to her web designer, and that began the ball rolling… rolling right into the genius hands of Greta Rose Zagarino.


Greta saw instantly the disconnect between the quality of our cakes and the quality of our website. She ‘got me’…and got to work! Before our first con call she told me she had a vision for my site in a dream. What you see on the home page is exactly what Greta envisioned…from concept to execution she was the art director. For anyone who knows me even a little bit, they will tell you that I ‘might’ have some creative control issues. 🙂 For me to hand the wheel over to someone else for my own site is a testament to my feelings for Greta’s vision and abilities. She is sooooo much more than a web designer. She’s kind of a branding genius!

She knows exactly what it is that I need to do to make sure that I get this site to the top! I couldn’t be more grateful to have her in my life. Don’t get me wrong, I know that there is a lot that goes into creating a site, a blog, a picture, content, just about anything and I know it’s no easy feat. Some people push on getting good content, some people want to make sure that they get the perfect picture so that they can post it on Instagram without a hitch, others prefer to get that little bit of extra help when it comes to things like Instagram followers and use a company like socialfollow to help them out.

It doesn’t really matter what people focus on, so long as it works for them. Which is why I was probably stressing out about this image because it meant so much to me.

Pulling this image off was no small feat! The gowns had to be GORGEOUS…the hair and make-up AHHHHHMAZING….the dresses sexy and couture and oh-so-stylish, and then….well, then it had to be photographed like it just fell out of Vanity Fair. And it had to be FUN!!!!


This is the part where I pinch myself for being so lucky to have such creative, generous and loving partners in this industry. My dream team was easy to name. Whether or not they would say yes would be a whole other story!


DUKE was my first call. His editorial, sexy and glamorous style was perfect for Greta’s vision. He is a master of lighting, and a creative genius in his field. I honestly didn’t expect him to say yes because I know how incredibly busy he is…but HE DID!!! Whoohoooo! Duke immediately went to work going above and beyond the photo shoot planning by reaching out to LOVELLA BRIDAL for the INES DiSANTO gowns for the shoot. The girls at LOVELLA were so amazing…even pairing the gowns with jewelry to finish our looks. Of course, the hair and make-up had to be edgy and fun, so Duke recommended TARA DOWBURD-LUFTMAN of MAKE-UP THERAPY. We were so on the same page on that one! Again, I placed the call, not expecting a yes, but to my amazement, Tara jumped right on board!!! Even CLASSIC PARTY RENTALS chipped in to help us refine the shoot with hedges. What a team effort!


Kimberly BaileyThis was truly one of the most rewarding creative collaborations of my life. I was curious how we would all play together in the sandbox, each of us being an alpha creative-type in our own world. From the moment Duke showed up in his pink pants and we put on the GREASE soundtrack during hair and make-up, we were all on the same page with the vibe for the day. Each of us tuned in to the same goal and vision for the image, feeling confident in the hands of Duke at the helm of the shoot.


The rest of the website design followed the main image. It turned out better than I could have ever imagined. I hope you enjoy the site as much as we do!


The Team

Website Design: Greta Rose Zagarino

Photography: Duke Khodaverdian

Hair and Make-up: Tara Dowburd-Luftman

Gowns: Ines DiSanto Gowns from Lovella Bridal

Rentals: Classic Party Rentals

  • Greta Rose

    This was so incredibly fun….. a day I will never forget when I got to play dress up with the most beautiful, awesomely creative Kimberly Bailey. Thank you for the inspiration and the permission to fly. You are the best!

  • Scott Zagarino

    Congratulations to all. From concept to finished site, vision into reality.

  • Duke Khodaverdian

    I so so so love this photo and the caption. I loved this shoot with every one involved and the images tell the whole story. Can’t wait to do another one!

  • Lovella Bridal

    So happy to be a part of this group effort; the result is amazing!


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