Amy Poehler & Rob Lowe Dig Cake for NBC’s Parks and Rec 100th Episode Celebration

17 Oct 2013, Posted by Kimberly Bailey in Kimberly's Musings

Parks and Rec turns 100 with The Butter End Cakery

Yesterday was almost too fun for one cake maker to handle. It reminded me of exactly why I LOVE MY JOB SO MUCH!!! Being called upon to create a cake to pay tribute to Parks and Recreation in celebration of their 100th Episode….whaaat?!!!! Just being on a studio lot makes me giddy. We entered through the stage door ~ red light on, so Sara and I tip-toed the cake down the corridor to the actual set that was all ready for the press conference. Right in the middle of it all…the home for our cake! On the floor were the markers for all of the media photographers…

It wasn’t long til the photographers came filing in while I was still putting the finishing touches on the cake. With sounds of cameras going off around me, I put the final dollop of whipped cream on the “waffles”.

Seeing the photos and kudos flying around the web yesterday made us all blush. We’re so happy to share these photos with you…and so incredibly grateful to be able to make tasty cakes that make people happy!


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Parks and Recreation 1
Parks and Recreation 2
Parks and Recreation 3
Parks and Recreation 4

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  • Greta Rose

    A clear example of why Virgos must rule the world. I’ve been seeing the tweets on this cake all over the place! No one can believe the “friggin'” details! You go, girl.


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