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Ryan Sweeting’s Dogs and Balls Grooms Cake

Category: Grooms Cakes

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Meg Hall

Event Design & Production

Rrivre Davies of RrivreWorks

Event Planner

Kim Ruggles


Hummingbird Nest Ranch


We know how we all feel about our dogs. If they might not make the best party guests, they certainly deserve their place at the table. Kaley and Ryan are in LOVE with their three rescued Pit Bulls and wanted them to play a part in their wedding. Kimberly sculpted the three pooches out of chocolate and set them on a giant tennis ball cake for Ryan, who is a pro tennis player.
We couldn’t be happier for Kaley Cuoco and Ryan Sweeting, especially when they let us build them an upside down wedding cake suspended from a chandelier. For the full scoop on this amazing cake and this fun couple, click here to read the blog post.
Kaley Cuoco has upside down wedding cake suspended from chandelier by The Butter End Cakery